Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OK, I feel like this is just a really bad movie

So the two "Big Guys" in the securities industry have allocated $20 Billion (still gets spelled with a big B, at least until I make 1% of that amount) in bonuses to their employees.

A quick quote from the story:
``There is no Wall Street without bonuses,'' said Andy Kessler, a former analyst and hedge-fund manager turned author. ``The guys who know how to make money are the ones who are in demand. If you want to keep them, you have to pay them something.''

 Why the hell are you trying to keep them, you friggin' morons????  These are the people that have bankrupted you, and almost bankrupted one of the largest economies on the planet?  

You think maybe this is a good time to fire the lot of them, and pull in some people that understand how this works?  
C'mon!!!  Even I know that it's pretty risky to give my friend a loan.  You know, the one who can't seem to hold a job any longer than he can hold his bladder.  Sure, he's nice and he's really trying hard, but he's had more jobs in the last year than changes of underwear (I'll give him credit, he can hold his bladder a long time).

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