Monday, November 10, 2008

Another bizarre coincidence

It's been a couple of days since I last posted.  Well, it's been over a week.  
I've been using this spot as a place to rant and rave, and get some of my thoughts down in a semi-therapeutic fashion.  Not as an avenue to get my life out there, but rather to scrawl my thoughts out on a wall in a mostly anonoymous fashion.  

I'm a graffiti tagger on the information superhighway.

I imagine that someone speeding by (googling) this page would see a splash of disjointed topics (maybe a photo or two) and wonder "What the hell was that guy thinking?"

So, I really haven't been writing for anyone, or for any real reason (beyond the reason that I need to).  I get an idea stuck in my head, or a project that I'm working on (got a new one, BTW), and I can jot it down here. 

I'm doodling in the margins of the internet.

So my heart kind of skipped a beat when I saw I had someone commenting on my iPost-its.  

Then I realized it was my best friend.

Now I'm having to fight the urge to re-read everything that I've written for the last month.  I don't think I said anything mean, but I constantly say things that can be taken out of context or misused (I'd make a very poor political candidate for that reason.  I think Palin had it right for the first week.  Just don't say anything public.  Doesn't work so well when you're running for public office though....)

Is it bad that you would be a worse candidate than Palin?  Given the state of mad-media, chopped sound-bites, and misrepresentations?

So, I've got a guy peering over my shoulder, reading what I'm typing.  And he's commenting on it.  Verbally and publically.  Now I gotta make sure I don't step on my crank.

Hey amigo, you freakin' rock.

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Mike said...

I do rock, but if that means you start editing yourself on your own GD blog, I'll skip the honor. Don't worry about stepping on yours or anyone else's crank. Like you say on the home page, this is YOUR corner of the interwebs. Someone doesn't like it, there's always that little X up in the top corner they can click. Go nuts.