Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Good Advice

"If you feel unsafe, you shouldn't be there"

Awesome advice.  Critical to those people that put themselves in "Harm's Way"

My professional time has been spent in very risky arenas.  On the street, in the ER, out in the field at my last job, all had serious risks associated with them.  However, I'm definitely not drawn to risk.
A friend of mine once called me "Risk averse", to which I replied "Risk mitigating"

That's the big thing when you routinely do risky jobs.  You learn what the risks are, where things go bad, and you figure out how to prevent them from happening, or how to rapidly address them when they do happen.  Risk is an integral part of everything we do (EVERYTHING), and we have to accept that.  Professionals acknowledge (never ignore) the risk, prepare for it, deal with it, and over come it.

Carrying a gun because you like to go to risky places is pretty freakin' stupid.  First, your best defense against that risk is to completely avoid it.  Second, the minute you pull that gun your risk goes through the roof.  

Good job, cowboy.  /sarcasm

I would take my hat off to Mr. Goodell.  Thank you for taking the smart avenue through this mess.  Thank you for telling your agency the realities of life.  Thank you for cleaning up a group that the public occasionally views as a den of criminals and cut-throats.

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