Saturday, February 27, 2010

Social Networking Experiment

Welcome Farkers!

Using Facebook Causes, and Fark (C'mon, answer the question! Is Fark more powerful than Facebook??) I'm hoping to generate some more money for the trip to Haiti. Every dollar helps, and 100% of that dollar (minus the handling fee from PayPal) will go to the operation in Haiti.

Welcome newcomers. If you want the quick and short:
My name is Ty. I've been a medic for almost 20 years. I've been incredibly lucky in my career to receive some intense training, and to even teach some of those schools. I'm a student right now (Well, actually a drop-out. I cut school to do this trip), so I have the time and training to go to Haiti to help out.

Most of us don't. People have real jobs, big commitments, and incredible constraints on their time. Not everyone has training in emergency medicine, even fewer have training in medical operations in austere conditions. Still fewer have experience in these conditions.

I can do this, but I need help. Not much, at least not much from everyone. A couple of bucks, that's it. I'm paying for my transportation to and from Haiti, and I need to contribute for food while I'm there (this money goes directly to the Haitians who are also working at the hospital).

I'm not a massive organization, I don't have tons of overhead. I'm just a guy that can help. You can send me down there. YOU! The person reading that. It's kinda cool. You can literally tell your friends "Yeah, I couldn't go down to Haiti, but I just sent a medic down, so he can help." You can do that. For just a couple of bucks.

Initially I'll be going to Milot, Haiti, to help at the Sacred Heart Hospital (Hopital Sacre Coeur, sorry, I can't figure out the accents on this editor). I'm hoping to work in their ER (Which has been upgraded to a big tent, think MASH), but I'll likely wind up doing whatever needs to be done at the moment. Wrestling with a generator, digging latrines, moving supplies (I'm an expert a moving supplies), washing dishes. I don't know. I know they need help. It looks like their ER is pretty busy (check out That's the organization I'm going with).

After Milot, I'm hoping to hike north to Port au Prince, to see if I can help there. That's still up in the air, and will require some significant equipment (The hospital has food and clean water. The minute I leave, I have to start providing for myself).

I don't need you to send me a paycheck (Though if you have it to spare, sure, send it). If everyone can send a couple of bucks, and then tell their friends, then this will come off.

I'm going to keep this blog going. The hospital has occasional internet access. My commitment to you is that I'll keep this updated as I can. Once I leave the hospital, this will be more difficult, but I won't forget my pledge.

Thank you!

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