Monday, March 15, 2010

I owe you all pictures

OK, I know I said I'd keep the blog up while I was down here.
I know I haven't.

If it helps, I've been savin' lives, so work with me a bit, 'kay?

So there's one.

These are the biomedical guys moving a portable x-ray machine from the compound to the hospital. These things have to weigh a quarter of a ton. They're huge. I've treated several broken feet in the States from one of these rolling over an unobservant foot.

First, the locals were going to load this thing onto the back of a tractor. Thankfully the biomed guys heard this and put a stop to it. The tractor would have flipped, crushing the team of four workers.

So they found three sturdy pieces of plywood (rare here, the termites eat anything wooden), and just started rolling it to the hospital (approximately a quarter of a mile away). The machine is designed to "Power-assist" it's movement, so that you aren't dying trying to move it from patient to patient.

I was dead tired, so I didn't stop to see if the batteries held out. When I came on shift tonight, the new machine was right outside the door to my ICU.

I love the attitude out here. Out here being either Haiti, or on deployment. The "Can-do's" and "Makin' it happen!" are out in force, and we're getting incredible things done.

I'll be in the ER/ICU for at least the immediate time being. I've been given the job of critical care "Union Leader", so I'm trying to do my best for the staff.

The staff, in turn, are doing the best for the people of Haiti. It's incredible, and when I stop to think about it, I do get a bit misty.

It's not just the patients. We're working hard with the patients, and their families. It's 4am, and I've got as many family members sleeping here as I do have patients. Everyone is sleeping (Except for Kerry, the other US night nurse), but in an instant, they will hop up and help their family member (or even another patient!) turn in bed, empty a bedpan, or find some food.

The food is really calling to me. There is good food to be had here. Particularly if you're not picky. Flavored beans and rice are a staple. I don't know where they get it, but it smells fantastic. So far the night shift has not been getting fed well, but hopefully some of the new changes will fix that.

Short and sweet. I have to keep remembering that for the blog. I'll sign off now, with one final thank you to all of you that sent me down, and you folks that are following along.

Thank you

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