Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One day to go


Wow, I'm getting tired. Lot's of running around.

Work swells to fill the time around it.

If that hasn't been said before, we'll make it Ty's Rule, number 11.

The thing above is a QR code. It's like a high tech bar code. When I get back, we'll play with them some more. Right now, it's just the QR code for this site.

My bag is packed. It's 47lbs right now, and I'm going to top it off with candy for my patients. I need to make a mix of rice tomorrow, to take with me (My "run for the border" food stash). I'm pretty well equipped. I wish I had more medical supplies, but I seem to have hit some dry holes in this area. To be fair, I believe every local hospital has teams in Haiti.

I found out this weekend that one of my sister's co-workers was contributing to the cause. I'm incredibly touched when people donate (always restating my mantra "Please don't let me screw up"). This one got even better. I don't have the whole story, but this may be my last chance to blog it (I can't believe I just used blog as a verb).

I'm going to change the names, because I'm a big believer in privacy. If she happens to stumble across this blog, and wants to leave her name in the comments, I hope fame finds her and treats her well.

So Mrs. X's kids have done something wrong. I'm not sure what, but mom was angry.
Apparently Mrs. X started yelling at the kids, explaining to them how Mr. Ty (I can see her calling me "Mr. Ty") was going to Haiti, where the people have lost everything. In my mind, I can hear her talking about the destroyed buildings, horrible conditions, the lack of supplies, walking uphill both ways in the snow (wait, what?). I dunno. I can really see Mrs. X doing a great rant with this.

Apparently it worked. My sister says that the next day, they came to her with some money they had collected (I don't think either of them are even teenagers yet), and asked if this would be enough to help Mr. Ty.

Excuse me for a second, there's something in my eye.

Both of 'em.

Whew. I know it looks like a short period of time between this line and the last, but it's not. Took me a minute or two.

I've heard a lot of "Oh Ty, I wish we could do more!"
And yeah, I wish you folks could. It would mean that your comfort levels are higher. It would mean your level of security is higher.

It would mean we were all better off than we are.

I had a child run out to me the other day in a parking lot. I had just left a business, talking about the deployment to Haiti. He couldn't have been 8 years old. He yelled at me twice "Mister! Mister!" and then gave me two quarters. I told him "Thank you. You can keep these, you know?"
He looked at me and I think he almost started crying.
"I want you to use this to keep the earthquakes away" (I can't do the cute voice, but this kid was really pulling no punches)
Now the kid's got me going. I make it a general rule not to lie to kids. They'll handle the truth better than we give them credit for.
I just looked at him. I didn't have the words yet. Again, he filled in the blanks.
"My dad says you're going to help the people with the earthquakes"
OK, this I could handle, at least until I got to the car.
"OK kiddo. Yeah, I can do that. I'm going to help the people with the earthquakes. Some of them are sick, and I'm going to help. OK?"
I'm not sure why I asked him "OK?" I guess I needed him to nod, and give his blessing to my efforts at keeping the earthquakes away.
He nodded his head and ran back towards the store.

I went to the car, pulled out another two quarters. I think I'm going to have to use his dollar for something special.

I'm not going to put the donate button up today. Paypal is having fits because I'm taking donations but I'm not a 501c3 organization.

Folks, I want to be clear. I want others to understand. I'm not a tax deductible organization. I am volunteering with one, but they cannot cover my travel costs (almost $1000 of it) or any of my other costs. It's just me.

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