Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The rest of the email social club at the command center.

The command center computer, and the front of the line.

This is my trained Haitian dog. I'm gonna really have a hard time leaving him here.

This is our goat, Nutsack (I didn't name him.... really!). He's currently pissed at us because we ate his fatter cousin. Still, it keeps his feed costs down, so I'm not too worried about it.

This is my room, where I try to sleep during the day. The mosquito netting really helps, but the big thing that makes it happen is the fan.

This is convent kitty. One of those cats that comes on all friendly until you try to pet her. Then she runs. Sorry about the blurry pics. It's humid as heck down here.

This is lunchtime kitty. She cries whenever she sees me, but she won't eat anything I give her.

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Mira said...

At least Convent Kitty doesn't bite you when you pet her, like the little one at home.