Friday, January 11, 2013

Parallelism in Hacking

I spent yesterday morning working on the datalogger, specifically making it WiFi capable.  This morning, I slept in, made my coffee and checked the news.  Over on Hackaday, Jose has created an Arduino/Pi/WiFi/X-Bee environmental monitor.  He's got his own webspace, uc4fun, where he's hosting the notes on his project.  A lot more professional looking than mine.

He's essentially doing my project (If he knows I exist, he's shaking his head saying "That guy's doing MY project").  However, he's doing it in a completely different fashion, which is awesome.  I think he's using a mix of I2C sensors (he's using the TMP102 and the BMP085) and a Sparkfun humidity sensor (Dude!  New Product Friday.... 'cuse me while I go browse...).

I think he went with the doubled up microprocessor approach because it allows him to use the ADC's on the Arduino.  So far, I've been severely limited in the sensors I can use on my build because I'm only using I2C and binary digital sensors.  His complexity gets him some serious advantages, but is also one of the main things I want to avoid (He's probably writing code for both the Arduino and the Pi.  That'll give me headaches).  I sent him a message on the Hackaday board asking why he made the choices he did.  Looking at his build and presentation, he's going to have some good answers.

I definitely wanted to avoid the multiple radio links.  Given my history with RF links, I'd like to keep that as simple as possible.


scortier said...

Hi Static,

I would like to contact you about the code you wrote in Python 3 for the TSL2561 sensor and the Raspberry Pi. If you could email me (I also added you as a friend on Adafruit forum but I'm not sure if that allows for contacting) asap, that would be great. I am on a time crunch involving the sensors and the Pi. Thanks!

Static said...

I posted up a reply on the Adafruit boards. I'm not sure which math you're referring to. I'm following the threads on there, but I'm stepping away from my office for a bit tonight. I'll be back in a couple of hours.

scortier said...

My apologies for the late reply. I didn't see your response in my emails till now. I'll keep posting on Adafruit instead of your blog. Thanks!